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Gear Up for Football Season with Catering for Corporate Events, Watch Parties, and Tailgates

A large buffet table filled with sliders, chicken wings, and assorted dips, accented by football-themed decorations

Greetings, gridiron enthusiasts! NCAA College football has already kicked off, and the NFL is taking the field this Sunday. And let's not forget our hometown heroes, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers! But let's be real, every true fan knows the second most important part of football season: the food at the corporate events, watch parties, and tailgate events.

Here at A Fresh Connection Catering, we're all in with our favorite teams—the Buccaneers in the NFL, plus the Gators, the Seminoles, USF, and Central Florida in college ball. While you focus on the game, we'll make sure your game day feast is the talk of the season.

The Big Game Calls for Big Gatherings

Football is a team sport, and so is celebrating it. When it comes to corporate events, watch parties, and tailgate events, 30 is the magic number. Sure, you can try to huddle around a seven-layer dip with a smaller crowd, but why limit the play when you can go for a full touchdown feast? Larger gatherings not only pump up the team spirit but are also more budget-friendly.

Unbeatable Football Party and Corporate Event Catering in St. Petersburg and Tampa

Having a larger crowd requires an all-star catering service that knows the playbook. Here's what makes A Fresh Connection the MVP of football party, corporate event, and tailgate catering:

  1. Massive Menu Options: Tailored for groups of 30 or more, our menu spans from sliders and gourmet burgers to elegant hors d'oeuvres.

  2. Local Flavors, Big Fanbase: Repping the tastes of Tampa and St. Petersburg, we bring local cuisine to your sizable gathering.

Score Big this Football Season

The calendar is packed with game-watching corporate events—playoff parties, College Bowl Game Parties, NFL playoffs, and the Super Bowl. Don't settle for less; make sure your large gathering is fueled by a caterer that can handle the pressure.

Host like a Pro, Enjoy like a Fan

Ready to enjoy the game without constant trips to the kitchen? Leave the culinary heavy lifting to us. That way, you can join the rest of your 30-plus crew in what really matters: hollering at the refs through the TV screen.

Whether you're organizing a corporate event, rooting for the Buccaneers, the Gators, or just love a good game, A Fresh Connection Catering specializes in making larger gatherings of 30 or more a gourmet affair. From college football reunions to big NFL kickoffs, we make sure you're always the host with the most in St. Petersburg and Tampa. Reach out today and make your next football gathering an unforgettable touchdown.


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